About – Ligature Journal

Ligature Journal is a magazine publication owned by Tiliqua Press, a small design studio in Sydney. 

This publication was designed to provide real world experience and/or opportunities for communication design students and recent graduates. I was one of those interns to join the team for the latest issue. For each issue interns find/or create all the content, this includes design, layout and to create imagery both illustration and photography needed to take the publication through to production.

Ligature Journal – Issue Six

Ligature Journal focuses on three 'meta' themes, the mind, body and soul and the sixth issue was a body issue focusing on touch in relation to the design process. This particular issue had contributors in different areas of design articulate how touch affects the way they design and create.

The cover of this issue is most certainly unique due to the letter–pressed typographical style for readers to be able to experience through touch. Issue Six offers six different colour options for you to choose from. Please check out below to get your hands on your very own.


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